What's your definition?

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My Definition is a brand-new podcast which explores different perspectives and attitudes about 52 subjects and concepts that concern us all as human beings.

Whilst most podcasts focus on just one conversation, with a single guest, 

My Definition will be shaped like no other podcast, as we will be cross cutting interviews with all of our guests, 

whilst focusing on just one topic per show.

Imagine …

Episode 1 – 52 individuals define what love means to them

Episode 2  – 52 individuals define what death means to them, 

or truth, or freedom, or failure…

And so on…

“The shadow beneath our feet is the hardest to see”

In this series we aim not to convince our listeners of anything, but to question, entice

 and provoke them to question and contemplate their understanding of the world around them.

“OK, Sounds good

How do I get involved?”

We are looking for participants to help us create this unique audio experience. If you think you have something to say and to share, we would like to hear from you. 

Above all else we want to have an entertaining two hours with you, discussing your unique perspective on a variety of concepts (see below)

We don’t expect you to cover all 52 topics, just the first ten  subjects (in bold type below) and then pick any of the remaining subjects that interest you the most.

We have designed a pdf guide, which will tell you how to prepare and what to expect on the day of your recording. 

There are pages for you to keep notes on each of your chosen topics.

Click on the yellow book to download.

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Here are the concepts we will be discussing; (episodes)

Life, Love, Death, Happiness, Fear, Freedom, Goodness, Success, Evil, Wisdom, Ignorance, Pleasure, Failure, Truth, Consciousness, God, Reality, Language, Science, Maths, Suffering, Art, The Devil, Government, Selfishness, Creativity, Leadership, Power, Fame, Sex, Religion, Humour, Space, Time, The future, Motivation, Entertainment, Education, Fun, Drama, History, War, Lying, Depression, Compassion, Value, Money, A problem, Infinity, Work, Courage, Passion, Prayer, Terrorism, Beauty, Information, Aliens

And these are some of the people we will be speaking to:

Psychic, Historian, Counsellor, Child, Comedian, Etymologist, Naturist, Guru/Mystic, Sports Pundit, Builder, Hairdresser, Poet, Photographer, Doctor, Physics professor, Vicar, Recovering Addict, Addict, Politician, Stay-at-home Parent, Jobseeker, Computer Programmer, Imam, Environmentalist, Criminal, Social Worker, Homeless Person, Millionaire Businessman/woman, Astrologist, Taxi Driver, Soldier, Ballet Teacher, Musician, Primary School Teacher, Paramedic, Truck driver, Grandparent, Alexa/Siri/Cortana, Cheerleader, Holiday Rep, Explorer, Farmer, Prepper, Healer, YouTuber, Engineer, Student, Personal Trainer, Landed Gentry, Hindu, Buddhist, Someone with Asperger’s, Blind Person, Mathematician, Police Officer, Judge, Refugee, Psychologist, Brain Surgeon, Marketing Executive.




If you would like to join us in being part of this epic project, please get in touch

Full contact details can be found in the PDF download above.

Take a look at the calendar of available recording dates, enter your details

 and preferred dates on the form, and we’ll get back to you.

Each session will last no longer than two hours. The edit will take us some time,

However, we will be updating you on our progress and posting some snippets of our favourite responses as we go. 

We are really excited to hear from you and look forward to welcoming you to our biggest and boldest project ever. 

To take part please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch. 

Matt and Rich


    Hi, we are Rich and Matt. We are audio producers who have been working in the dance music and commercial audio industry for over twenty years.


    Last year we decided it was time to make something big, fun, and meaningful. 

    A podcast that would entertain and engage the listeners, and us, 

    so we came up with …